Over the past almost 25 years we have been aware in some form or other of the need to tackle green-house gasses and reduce carbon output.

Never has this been more important than it is right now. According to the U N high commissioner on climate change,  Mary Robinson “ we only have 20 years to save our planet, otherwise the damage done will be to advance to repair, “ This is a chilling prospect for our future and that of our children and in turn their children. We must act now.

When I ask people I meet what has carbon to do with them, they mostly answer, nothing. I then ask them, if they feel any responsibility towards carbon reduction, they simply say I have not given that much thought. I often hear people say, “is that to do with cars or something”   “ I’m sure they will get that sorted, it’s nothing to do with me.”

This is not children talking, but a broad cross section of people, and I can fully understand their thinking.

When we hear about climate change or carbon reduction we simply switch off, WHY….  Because the way it is reported is not engaging us enough, for us to want to take action. All we see are percentages here and percentages there and no meaningful substance. Who can blame people when they are not included in the debate,  not made to feel they are part of the solution, only part of the problem.

Imposing Carbon taxes such as that on Coal a two of years ago via a stealth method is not helping, only hardening peoples view on how government handle this. Folk see this as simply another tax. Imposing this tax in May time of the year 6% May 2013 and again 6% in May 2014, this is simply not acceptable, slide it in when most people are off guard appears to be the plan

We will all have to pay a carbon tax at some point, make no mistake about that, in all cases this is proper and right. What is important for now is that we are told upfront, what is to happen when it is to happen and how much it is going to cost. Then we can all start to plan

Cutting carbon emissions is not an aspiration; it is an obligation under the KYOTO agreement of almost 25 years ago. It is the law

As world leaders meet in Paris this week. Nov 30th 2015 for 15 days

  • I call on them to make access to information more available.
  • I call on them to introduce climate change into the school curriculum.
  • I call on them to inform people of the options that are out there to help reduce carbon emissions.
  • I call on all the governments of the world, and most of all our leaders to inform all our people in simple to understand statements, where we are now where we are going and what as a people we have to do


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Remember all we have is  20 years to save our planet, we can only do this if we all take action now, not wait for someone else to do it first we are gone past that stage. Take Action Now………..How to take action

For more information visit my website www.letstalksolar.ie.

James Gorham

Director LTS      

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