Why choose Lets talk Solar and our Combination Solar Central Heating & Hot Water System

Please find detailed description of our process from initial contact through to installation outlined below:


Initial contact is made between client & Lets Talk Solar. Information is gathered and passed to our office where a meeting is set up.

    1. Our consultant will call out to you in the comfort of your own home 5 days per week and explain how our system works. We have appointments available from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Our consultants provide you with a full understanding of our products and business, make you aware of grants and incentives available to you.
    2. We will demonstrate how you will save tens of thousands of euros over the next number of years and show you how long it will take your system to pay for itself. You will be amazed at how short a time this will be. We will also advise you of the challenges that you are now facing in the reduction of carbon and how we can help you achieve this personally.
    3. Our senior engineer will then call to your home and ensure that the installation will proceed without any hiccups. He will design the pipe runs and show you how the system will look and feel in your home / business. Your existing under-floor heating or radiators will not need to be altered.
    4. The installation crew will arrive between 8.30 a.m and 9 a.m in the morning. They will protect all flooring & stairs. If you have a light coloured carpet there is no need to worry as we will ensure all areas where carpet is, will get extra protection.


The Installation

  • Old cylinder out
  • Install new Fusion Elite Cylinder
  • Fusion Panels on the roof
  • Install controls and connecting pipe work

The installation of a Fusion Elite solar central heating and hot water combined systems will take 2 days to complete.

Once installation is complete the team will go through how the system is operated. They will provide you with an operation manual and ensure that your home is cleaned before they depart.

Old cylinders are sent for recycling and any money raised for this is donated to St Brigid’s School for special needs, in Mullingar Co Westmeath our chosen charity. This is at the discretion of the homeowner, you may of course keep this cylinder if you wish.

After Installation

Some weeks after your installation one of our engineers will call to your home at a prearranged time. He will again go through the working of the system with you and assist you with any queries you may have in relation to your new system.


A B.E.R (Building Energy Rating) assessor will attend your home arranged by Lets talk Solar. You will be provided with an up to date B.E.R of your home. You will then send all relevant documentation to the SEAI and your grant will be paid directly by cheque or into your bank account.


HRI (Home Renovation Incentive) introduced in Budget 2014 is also available to you (T&C’s Apply). Simply provide Lets Talk Solar with your LPT (Local Property Tax) ID Number and we’ll do the rest.

Living with your new Fusion Elite System

From the moment the installation crew pull out of your driveway, you will feel the comfort within your home and have free hot water in your taps. Your energy bills will be reduced now by a minimum of 50% and up to 75%. Typically our customers have reported savings of 60% – 75% of the energy heating bills.

You won’t ever experience the trauma of running out of hot water again! Click here to view testimonials.

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