Noreen Brown

Noreen & Tom Brown live in a 4,700 sqft house, with a 3 bedroom home and 6 bedrooms en-suite Bed & Breakfast in Abbeyfeale Co Limerick. Running such a large house they had to monitor their energy very carefully to ensure they had sufficient heat and hot water for their home and business.
Noreen was finding it difficult to balance the heat of the house and having enough hot water with the cost of heating oil. Often the Browns would be sacrificing heating in the family living area to ensure the guest areas were heated. During the off season it was difficult to justify heating 6 bedrooms when no one was staying and it was costly having hot water available for showers.
When guests arrived to the door without notice, Noreen would have to rush to heat rooms and put on the immersion.

This caused a lot of stress as Noreen wanted to ensure her guests were comfortable and had everything they needed. The Browns needed a solution that could keep their entire house warm all the time and meet the varying hot water requirements of her business.
One night Noreen had a guest staying that worked for Let’s Talk Solar and he told her about their solar system and left her with a brochure. A few days later Noreen contacted Let’s Talk Solar office and arranged for a home presentation. Upon getting information about the system and learning how it could keep her house at a constant temperature and meet all her hot water requirements Noreen and Tom placed an order.
The Browns Fusion Elite Solar Central Heating system was installed on June 11th 2013 with very little disruption to the home or business. Noreen was delighted with the system and for the summer she had all her hot water requirements fulfilled no matter how many guests were staying.
As winter approached Noreen and her family first noticed that the hallway at the entrance of the house that was always cold was now warm and inviting. Guests, family and friends all comment on how comfortable the house is. Now Noreen does not worry about unexpected bookings as she always knows guests will walk into a warm house, stay in a heated room and can have shower at any time. She has her house at a constant 19°C and can meet the hot water requirements no matter how many guests arrive unexpectedly.
Noreen and her family are extremely happy with Let’s Talk Solar and their Fusion Elite solar central heating system and recommend it to anyone with a small business or Bed & Breakfast.

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