Mary & Sean Cuddy

Mary and Sean Cuddy live in a 4 bedroom, 3 story house in Limerick and run a Montessori Naionra (Irish speaking) preschool from the house. Their home is 3,200 sqft detached building with the 800 sqft preschool attached to the house.

Ensuring there was sufficient heat in the preschool was a concern for Mary and she would often supplement the heating in the winter with gas heaters. This was to ensure she complied with HSC guideline that all preschools must be adequately heated while occupied. Using gas as a supplement heat source meant it was difficult to maintain a constant temperature resulting in situation when it would be too hot or too cool. Mary was also concerned about increasing overheads as the price of oil, gas and electric continued to increase.

Mary need to reduce her overheads and knew that using gas heaters as a backup for heating was not a long term solution. After much investigating Mary found Let’s Talk Solar and arranged to meet one of their representatives for an in home presentation. After seeing what solar central heating could offer her home and business Mary decides to purchase a Let’s Talk Solar Fusion Elite 14 system.
Mary’s system was installed in October 2013 and she was extremely impressed with the install teams professionalism and efficiency. The fact that the installation did not affect the running of the preschool was a very important factor for Mary’s business. She was also impressed that there was no clean up required after the installation and the house was left spotless.

Mary’s home and business has been completely transformed and now there is a regulated constant heat throughout the building. This has been noted and commented upon by parents, friends and family. Now Mary knows that she always has an environment that meets the requirements of a young child and can alter the temperature at the touch of a button.
There has been a noted reduction in the electric bill in winter 2013. This was the the first winter that Mary did not have to purchase gas to supplement her heating. In terms of comfort and savings Mary had no doubt that her Fusion Elite solar central heating system is working for them.

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