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Warranties on
Solar System parts:

    • 25 year manufacturers warranty on Fusion Elite cylinders*
    • 5 year manufacturers warranty on Fusion Hothead cylinders*
    • *The seller shall have no liability for any damage to the Goods,
      arising from lime, iron or other mineral content in the water.
    • 10 year manufacturers warranty on solar panels
    • 2 Year Lets talk Solar warranty on all Solar Parts ie solar
      pump station, solar controllers and solar vessels.
    • 12 months parts and labour warranty on all other parts
      such as Immersion, circulation pumps, booster pumps,
      motorised valves, time clocks etc
    • All warranties are null & void unless Lets talk Solar
      maintenance schedule is adhered to

Please note: All Let’s Talk Solar customers have 10
year bonded warranty if Let’s Talk Solar ceases to trade

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