How much will a system cost?

This is one of the most asked questions we receive from customers and we find it very difficult to give a customer a price off hand because it can vary due to many different factors in your home.

What Factors are involved in pricing of the systems?

It is very difficult to give a price without knowing many factors about your home. To give you a rough idea here are many factors that will determine the final price of your system.

  • Size of home
  • Amount of radiators
  • Amount of hot water usage
  • Current home heating appliance
  • Age of home
  • How many people are in your home
  • How old your current heating appliance is
  • What direction your home is facing (Panels can be placed on roof,walls and ground)

After determining all this factors we can find out

  • If you are eligible for Grants
  • How many panels we need to install
  • What size boiler you will need

If you are interested in find out a cost of installing these systems in your home you can fill out the forum below and we can get in contact with you to provide you with a no obligation home survey and a free quotation.

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