Multiroom Heating control’s

Multiroom heating controls in your home will give you more comfort, saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint. Each room in your home can be controlled from where ever you are via a mobile app so each radiator is monitored and controlled by our actuator.


  • 30%+ energy cost savings
  • Increase comfort for your whole family
  • Total control of heating your home
  • Control heating when outside your home (Smart phones, Tablets and other IOS / Android devices)
  • Get your desired temperature at your desired time for as long as you want
  • Real time monitoring to control your spend
  • Saves money for homes, B&Bs and businesses
  • Grants are available
  • One day installation
  • Wireless and wired options


Controlling your heating in each room individually.  




Demonstration of our App.




If you wish to learn more about the system or wish to purchase it click here and input your details.

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