Claire Kane – Case Study

Claire Kane lives in a 2500 sq ft 4 bed dormer bungalow with her husband Victor and 2 children in Virginia, Co Cavan. The house was cold and difficult to heat even though they had double glazing and the walls were pumped with insulation. At best Claire managed to keep the cold out of her house but could not keep it warm.

Claire and her family knew something had to be done as they could not continue to get 2 to 3 fills of heating oil each year and still have a cold house. They looked at all options and were even considering selling their home.

Claire was contacted by Let’s Talk Solar as she was interested in looking at solar for hot water for her home. She arranged for one of their consultants to call to her home and explain how the solar systems work. During the presentation Claire’s learnt about the Fusion Elite Solar Central Heating system and immediately realised that it was the solution she had been looking for. Not only would meet her heating requirements but also her hot water needs. Claire agreed to be a promotional home for Let’s Talk Solar and placed an order for a Fusion Elite 10 Solar Central Heating system.

Let’s Talk Solar arrived on the 15th December 2012 to install Claire’s Fusion Elite 10 Central Heating System. The installation took 2 days with very little disruption to the home. The Fusion Elite Solar Central Heating system was set to keep the home at a constant 19°C.

Just before the system was installed Claire had taken in a delivery of 500lt of heating oil. On the 17th December Victor checked the level of heating oil in the tank and took a reading of 18 inches (500lt). 6 weeks later at the end of January 2013 Victor again checked the level of heating oil in the tank and took a reading of 15 inches. The 3 inches of heating oil used equates to 86lt of heating oil used in a 6 week period. During the same 6 week period in 2011/12 Clare’s family used 1000lt of home heating oil. This gives the Kane family a 92% reduction in the amount of home heating oil they use.

Now the Kane’s home is being heated for 24 hours a day throughout the year for a fraction of the cost of their old heating system. Claire and her family are getting 400% more heat and are extremely happy with their Fusion Elite Solar Central Heating system. They now have their home at a comfortable 19°C all the time and a constant supply of hot water along with savings thousands of euros each on home heating oil.

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